FSR Under-Table Wire Management System Now Available

Designed for tables that lack a pedestal to hide cables
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WOODLAND PARK, N.J.—FSR wants to get rid of those unsightly cables with its new Wireless Marshall Under-Table Wire Management System. The system is designed to offer what FSR describes as “clean and elegant cabling.”

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The Wire Marshall provides cable management in table designs that lack a pedestal for hiding cables and power as they transition from table boxes to the floor. Wire Marshall consists of WM-UTC Under Table Channel for dressing cables horizontally along the table underside. Cables can enter and exit the channel at any point along its length. Each 22.5-inch track has mitered ends to create corners or allow cables to pass into the Cable Pathway. A 5-foot WM-UTC5 is also available.

The WM-CP Cable Pathway provides a 25-inch to 30-inch adjustable height pathway from the table’s underside to the floor for an integrated system for handling multiple low-voltage AV/data and AC cables. The Cable Pathway opens to allow the addition of low-voltage or AC cables each in their own divided section. The top of the Cable Path has a built-in service loop storage area to bundle excess cable. The WM-LC Leg Channel is also available for dressing cables along the backside of a round table leg.

FSR is now shipping the Wireless Marshall system for education, government and other markets.