France’s Senate Picks MBT To Manage the Legislature’s Media Bank

The company was chosen for their media asset management system.
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France’s Senate has selected a company that provides integration and software developments for broadcasters, and which offers a digital media asset management (MAM) system, to install software that manages the legislature’s media bank.

In a written statement, Media & Broadcast Technology (MBT) says the Senate—which is housed inside the Luxembourg Palace in Paris’ 6th administrative district—selected its software to manage the legislature’s media bank because of MBT’s MAM. In addition, MBT’s software solutions are designed to simplify access to a huge media stock, and will allow for the recording, preview and easy export of parliament’s files, the company says.

Frances’ Parliament is made up of two chambers, the National Assembly and the Senate, and once the various elements of MBT’s Sphere MAM system and the Phoenix suites video management system are installed—which is expected to be completed by mid-2011—those systems will enable digitalization and indexation of parliamentary sessions; as well as files management and archiving the whole Senate media bank into a private Intranet, the company says.

Senators will then have access to the large panel of the Senate media bank and the lawmakers will be able to create rich requests on their database, and auto-conform the result of their search, MBT says.

This system will be able to record for 24 hours on, and to store the resulting low-resolution video for as long as needed. The ingest tool configuration allows to burn a logo, a date, a time code in a customized area of the video. As soon as files are recorded, they can be viewed on a Web browser or directly into a Chameleon player. The Chameleon player offers additionally to set an IN and OUT points to the video, and render the extraction as an MPEG4 file on the local storage or on a DVD, according to MBT.