Fostex Introduces Powered Loudspeaker Model

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Fostex recently introduced its PX-5HS Hi-Fi speaker system. The PX-5HS is a two-way active Hi-Fi speaker system consisting of 5.2-inch Aramid-fiber woofer and 1-inch soft-dome tweeter, with an integrated 35W/18W digital amplifier. It inherits the concept of the Fostex professional reference monitor, model PX-5, and infuses it with a more refined look and musical performance.

Driven by a 35-Watt bass amplifier and 18-Watt high-frequency amp, the Aramid-fiber mixed diaphragm is impregnated with resin to enhance fiber bonding for higher rigidity. Additionally, the urethane film laminated polyester fiber dome tweeter is tuned with a back chamber for smooth high frequency reproduction. There are rotary encoders for volume and tone controls with LED indicators. Additionally, auto-standby/auto-operation functions for electric power saving are included, with a fade in function to gradually increase the output level when powering on.

One of the biggest advantages of the PX-5HS active speaker system is that the speakers and amplifier are specifically tuned at the Fostex factory for maximum performance. Given its size, the PX5-HS offers a space saving advantage for implementing a high-resolution audio system.