For-A to Demo HVS-100 & ClassX Tech at GV Expo

Production switcher utilizes Thunderbolt card to interface systems
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WASHINGTON—For-A is planning to make a stop by the 2016 GV Expo to showcase its new HVS-100 portable video production switcher, which is designed to interface with the real-time graphics system LiveBoard from ClassX. The HVS-100 uses a Thunderbolt card to interface with LiveBoard.

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For-A has constructed the HVS-100 switcher to offer audio with graphic wipes as well as 20 multi viewer layouts. It features a built-in web server for operators to change settings from a PC or tablet. In addition, a clip memory feature has been added to the still store to support performances.

By connecting the HVS-100 with ClassX’s LiveBoard via the TB2 Thunderbolt interface, users can send uncompressed, low-latency video, graphics and sound over a single cable. While doing so, it is able to handle up to four I/O full HD videos simultaneously.

The 2016 GV Expo will take place in Washington D.C. from Dec. 7-8. For-A will be located at booth 132.


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