Flovel’s ‘Ultra Sensitive’ Cameras Set Up at Damaged Nuke Plant

The company's EM-120 camera has been deployed by broadcasters to keep watch and record video.
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Flovel Company Japan, a manufacturer of specialized cameras such as ultra high sensitive cameras, says broadcasters have deployed its EM-120 camera at the Fukushima nuclear power plant to keep watch and record video.

The EM-120 has been used to capture video of Japan’s space shuttle, deep-sea marine observation, astronomy observation, and nocturnal nature observation, among other applications, Flovel says in a written statement.

Recently, Japanese broadcasters installed Flovel’s near the Fukushima nuclear power plant after the recent earthquake and tsunami compromised the safety of the facility. The cameras are placed approximately 30 kilometers from the nuclear plant.

The EM-120 is a powerful, singular camera for day and night operation, says Flovel, which employs an EM-CCD, which has wide range of wavelength sensitivity, from daylight to infrared. It is capable of infrared color mixing at moonlight luminance.

The 2/3-inch type EM-CCD features 1.3 megapixel and resolution of 1330(H) x 980(V), HD-SDI, 1080/59.94i. Minimum object illumination is 0.02 lx. The camera uses a bayonet lens mount and is available as a compact head two-piece camera or one-piece ENG camera.


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