Florida Sheriff’s Office Picks Pivot3’s ‘CloudBanks’ as Video System Server & Storage

The system was chosen for its efficiency over traditional storage solutions.
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The Hillsborough County (Fla.) Sheriff’s Office of has selected Pivot3, Inc. to install a combined server/storage platform for its video surveillance system “because it is more efficient than traditional storage solutions,” says a sheriff’s office official in a written statement by Pivot3.

HCSO, headquartered in Tampa, chose the Pivot3 CloudBanks to both store captured video images and host the video management system software, the statement says.

“The sheriff’s office feels video surveillance is a powerful investigative tool as well as a visible deterrent,” said Craig McEntyre, the HCSO’s Business Support Bureau manager. “The county chose Pivot3 because it is more efficient than traditional storage solutions. HCSO needs to capture critical surveillance data at all times and Pivot3 provides application failover to prevent the loss of captured video,” he said.

Pivot3’s—which has facilities in California and Texas—system of hosting servers eliminates the need for standalone physical servers resulting in reductions in power, cooling, rack space and cost, which made it attractive to the sheriff’s office, McEntyre said. HCSO’s overall power and cooling costs are reduced, thereby making the platform “very cost effective,” he added.

In addition, Pivot3’s CloudBank appliances deliver both server and shared storage resources in one appliance and provide application failover that protects both storage and video management software applications in the event of a failure.

The camera project, dubbed “Eye On Crime”, allows deputies to keep an eye on trouble spots, monitor streets for emergency situations and provide residents with an increased feeling of safety. SiteSecure, a leading systems integration firm based in Sanford, Fla., and Avrio RMS, a surveillance integrator with municipal surveillance expertise, were contracted to develop a state-of-the-art wireless surveillance system that funneled video data back to district headquarters without requiring expensive cabling. The installation includes 20 Avrio cameras Portable Overt Digital Surveillance Systems.

A Firetide wireless mesh network provides street-level communication and robust Motorola backhaul links connect the local system to HCSO’s headquarters. Video streams are managed by VMS from Genetec while Pivot3 Scale-out Surveillance CloudBanks provide a flexible storage and server platform.