Firms Join to Create ‘Two-Way Drivers’ for Remote Control Processor

Integrators can implement power conditioners easily into any RTI control system.
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Panamax/Furman, a producer of power management products, has teamed up with Remote Technologies Incorporated (RTI), a manufacturer of control devices for professionally installed electronic systems, to create two-way drivers for the XP-8 remote control processor, the company says in a written statement.

Developed through RTI’s “Integration Partner Program,” the new two-way drivers allow integrators to implement Panamax/Furman’s M4315/4320-PRO power conditioners, or MB1500 UPS easily into any RTI (headquartered in Shakopee, Minn.) control system utilizing the XP-8 processor, says Panamax/Furman, which is headquartered in Petaluma, Calif.

Supporting both IP and RS-232 control, the drivers provide a powerful experience for users by allowing them to shut off outlets or banks that are not in use to eliminate wasteful stand-by power and hard-reboot problem devices in the system through the intuitive RTI interface.

Visual feedback of line voltage, current draw and power breaker status, displayed on an RTI handheld or in-wall controller, provides a valuable diagnostic tool to ensure that current draw is not excessive or abnormally high or low.