Firetide has Wireless Point-to-Point Bridges Under $1,000

 The Firetide Wireless Bridge 100 (FWB-100) is software-configurable for 2.4, 5 and 4.9 GHz and achieves up to 35 Mbps of throughput in 1-to-2-mile links
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Wireless infrastructure mesh networks could be spreading wider and wider with developments like the availability of Firetide’s new outdoor wireless Ethernet bridges.

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Firetide FWB-100 The Firetide Wireless Bridge 100 (FWB-100) is software configurable for 2.4, 5 and 4.9 GHz and achieves up to 35 Mbps of throughput in 1-to-2-mile links, with list prices below $1,000 for 2.4 GHz band and under $1,500 for 4.9/5 GHz bands.

“We plan to use the new Firetide wireless bridge for small-scale wireless applications and also for getting edge components onto a mesh network. We had an opening for several point-to-point wireless Ethernet links on an important project and decided to fill the need with the Firetide bridge because of the high performance and reliability that we’ve seen with Firetide’s other products. The price is also a selling point,” said Hector Sanchez, Network Systems Division estimating and sales lead, Bonneville Contracting and Technology Group Inc. in San Juan, Puerto Rico. “We are also currently quoting an Intelligent Transportation System project in which we are proposing the wireless bridge and Firetide’s MIMO wireless infrastructure mesh equipment.”

Firetide wireless mesh technology is used in citywide surveillance systems, transit systems, and at major events like the Super Bowl. It’s been deployed in the subways of Seoul and around the Democratic and Republican National Conventions in the United States.

This bridge is optimized to provide high-capacity and low-latency connectivity for demanding data, voice and video applications. The product line is aimed at core Firetide markets: municipalities, public safety, industrial installations and campus environments.

Deployed as a standalone solution, the FWB-100 link is managed via a browser-based management interface. Users can also integrate the FWB-100 links into a larger Firetide mesh network for a scalable end-to-end solution managed by HotView Pro network management software.

FWB-100s are available in two outdoor configurations. The FWB-102 provides two FWB-100 nodes with built-in 2.4 GHz antennas. The FWB-105 includes two external antennas for 4.9 and 5 GHz. Both models include a web-based management interface.

Read about the use of Firetide systems by the Denver Police Department in the June 2010 issue of Government Video.

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