Firefighters Warm Up to Body Cams

Article on firefighters' use of body cams
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OnCall camera and user interface

Just as police departments are now getting into body camera video in a big way, so too are firefighters now adopting this technology. With a body cam, video is produced that enhances training and documents the conditions that firefighters encountered during their operations.

Of course, just as police need to deal with the flood of visual data from such cameras, so to will fire departments. Read about the use of body cameras in this interesting article on


New Police Body-Cams Controlled by 911 Dispatch promo image

New Police Body-Cams Controlled by 911 Dispatch

Advancement in police body-worn cameras keep coming, as Equature has debuted its Interactive Policing Real-Time Software that allows for individual body-worn cameras to be turned on by police management of 911 dispatch control based on first responder’s operational policies.