Fast Food Restaurant Steaming Security Video to Police

The McDonald’s on West 3rd Street in Manhattan has been the scene of multiple acts of violence going back to May of 2011
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The owner of a New York City McDonald’s restaurant that has been the scene of violent incidents—including a brawl in front of the eatery on March 17, 2012—is now streaming surveillance video directly to police in an effort to curb violence and protect patrons.

Carmen Paulino, the owner of the McDonald’s located on West 3rd Street in Manhattan, said the restaurant is streaming the video and has hired security to be present at the location. “The safety of my employees and customers will always be a priority,” she said.

In addition to the March incident—which was a fight involving several young men that was recorded by patrons and posted in YouTube—other acts of violence occurring in May and October of 2011 have been recorded at the restaurant. However, it was the brawl in March that prompted New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, D, to urge a boycott of the McDonald's until management acts to ensure the safety of the restaurant’s patrons and employees.


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