Extron Unveils ‘XTP DTP 24’ Cable

The twisted pair cable is for Extron XTP Systems and DTP series of products
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Extron Electronics, a manufacturer of professional audiovisual system integration products, introduces its XTP DTP 24 cable, a new “performance-optimized,” 24 arbitrary waveform generator shielded twisted pair cable for Extron XTP Systems and DTP series of products.
The XTP DTP 24 cable is certified to 475 MHz bandwidth at distances up to 330 feet and the cable utilizes an shielded foil/unshielded twisted pair design for superior performance in digital video and audio distribution system applications, Extron says.
The cable features 24 AWG solid copper conductors within overall braid and foil shields, the company says. In addition, the cable is available in non-plenum and plenum-rated versions that are available in spools of 1,000 feet, Extron says.
“Cable infrastructure for twisted-pair digital AV systems has become one of the most important decisions for AV system designers and installers, since the wrong choice will affect system performance for many years,” says Casey Hall, Extron’s vice president of sales and marketing. The “XTP DTP 24 cable is engineered specifically for digital video applications to provide integrators with absolute confidence in signal integrity throughout the largest distribution systems,” he said.