Extron Unveils ‘Retractor XL’ Extended Length Cable Retraction System

The Retractor XL is available in versions to support most audiovisual and data signal types
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Extron Electronics, a producer of professional audiovisual (AV) system integration products, introduces its Retractor XL Extended Length Cable Retraction System for Cable Cubby Enclosures.

The Retractor XL provides for cable extension up to five feet and is available in versions to support most audiovisual (AV) and data signal types including video graphics array (VGA), network, PC audio, universal serial bus (USB), DisplayPort or high-definition multimedia interface (HDMI), Extron says.

The Extron Retractor Series, introduced in 2009, is also available for applications where cable extension of three feet is appropriate, according to the firm.

“The Retractor XL is perfect for boardrooms or conference rooms with wide tables,” says Casey Hall, Extron vice president of sales and marketing. “We engineered the Retractor XL to provide an additional two feet of cable extension compared to the Retractor Series, providing added convenience for end users without sacrificing consistent, reliable performance or AV signal integrity,” he said.

The Retractor XL is engineered with a dual-pulley mechanism controlled by a constant-tension spring that can withstand frequent use in schools, libraries, conference rooms and other high-utilization environments, Extron says. Each Retractor XL module includes a pre-loaded, continuous 12-foot cable for a single type, ensuring consistent, reliable performance regardless of cable extension length. A four-foot pigtail is provided on the input side of the Retractor module for ease of installation and connection to under-table electronics, floor boxes or an Extron AVTrac floor mounted raceway system.