Extron Introduces Three-Input Switcher

Analog audiovisual signals digitized
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Extron Electronics introduces the new FOX T USW 203, a three input switcher with an integrated fiber optic transmitter for long haul transmission of high bandwidth digital content protection-compliant high definition multimedia interface.

The FOX T USW 203 also features red blue green horizontal sync vertical sync or high definition component video and stereo audio.

Engineered for high-resolution image performance, this switcher uses Extron all-digital technology to deliver pixel-for-pixel transmission at resolutions up to 1920x1200, including high definition television 1080p/60.

The analog audiovisual input signals are digitized to ensure that a high quality signal is transmitted to the final destination, according to Extron. The switcher includes integration-facilitating features, including buffered HDMI output and video graphic array input loop-through, extended display identification data Minder, Key Minder, audio embedding, auto-input switching, RS-232 control and real-time system monitoring.

Extron says the FOX T USW 203 is intended for applications requiring long distance transmission of high resolution content.

“Integrators and consultants are often challenged with supporting both analog and digital sources in fiber optic AV systems,” said Casey Hall, Extron’s vice president of sales and marketing. “The FOX T USW 203 provides the versatility needed in a wide variety of applications.”

As part of the company’s line fiber optic products, the FOX T USW 203 is compatible with FOX Series HDMI, digital video interface Plus, DVI and VGA receivers. This transmitter can also be used in combination with FOX Series matrix switchers for HDCP-compliant signal distribution systems up to 1000x1000 and larger, Extron says. To ensure system operability, EDID Minder manages communication between sources and destinations, while Key Minder authenticates HDCP encryption.

Available in multimode and singlemode models, the FOX T USW 203 is designed for applications that require distance transmission of hi-resolution digital and analog content from one location.