ESE Introduces Convenient SMPTE Timecode Converters

USB devices make conversion easy
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ESE’s TCUSB family of timecode converters

EL SEGUNDO, Calif. — ESE just released a line of timecode-to-USB converters. ESE’s TCUSB line offers a simple and quick solution for synchronizing a computer to your existing timecode equipment. When a serial port or a PCI slot for a timecode card is not available or these solutions are undesirable, an ESE TCUSB device is the alternative.

The TCUSB line includes the ES-56, which will convert SMPTE/EBU LTC code or ESE timecode that can be used for computer time synchronization or for obtaining LTC data for editing purposes (when using SMPTE/EBU), the ES-71, which converts real time SMPTE/EBU LTC code or ESE timecode and the ES-73 that will convert IRIG A, B, or E timecode. Each device is powered by the USB interface and each TCUSB device has various operating modes that can be selected by DIP switch settings or by the provided software.