Enseo Produces Custom DVD Player for the Navy

Unit will play movies soon after a film’s theatrical release and protect content.
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Enseo, Inc., a provider of digital media solutions, has developed a custom digital videodisc (DVD) player for the armed forces and the federal government that will play movies soon after a film’s theatrical release, and protect content.

Enseo said it developed the DVD player for the U.S. Navy in response to a request for such a device that will show the latest movies on ships that are at sea for long periods, as well as for other military and other federal overseas personnel. Enseo’s Navy Encrypted DVD (NDVD) Player plays high quality, digital discs while protecting the content of the discs from copying. The NDVD will be installed in approximately 800 locations in more than 70 countries, the company says.

The Navy Motion Picture Service (NMPS), which is responsible for Navy Fleet morale, sought a DVD player that is more advanced than its current system, but a player that also meets the many security requirements for digital content.“When our servicemen and women are deployed, they typically want three things, Internet access, fitness equipment, and movies,” said Ron Rossman, NMPS’ director.“Our goal is to meet their needs, and provide them with the best amenities possible while they are serving our country,” he said.

Enseo says it designed the NDVD as a custom product which provides the troops with better-quality movies, and which has a multi-pronged approach to content protection. The methods embedded for protecting content are:

To avoid duplication, all DVDs are encrypted and can only be played on the NDVD player.

In order to adhere to studio license terms, DVDs are embedded with an expiration date, integrating license terms into the technology.

In the event that a movie is recorded with a hand-held device, the recording is imprinted with a digital watermark and can be linked back to the specific NDVD unit, as well as the time it was played.

The content protection technology enables NMPS to distribute 16 DVDs per month to 800 customer sites, including the Navy Fleet, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the Department of State, and the Military Sealift Command.Customer sites can maintain a library of movies that is determined by the length of the studios’ licenses, and the library is expected to reach almost 200 movies after one year and nearly 800 movies after four-years, Enseo says.