Electrosonic Powers Henry VIII ‘Dressed To Kill’ Exhibit

Marking the 500th anniversary of his ascent to the British throne, an exhibit in the Tower of London provides a unique view of some of the royal hardware.
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Henry VIII did more than do away with multiple wives. He fancied himself an action hero of his day, and although he tried and tried before finally conceiving a son (Edward VI), he compensated with an extravagant collection of arms and armor.

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Part of the "Dressed to Kill" Exhibition Now, marking the 500th anniversary of his ascent to the British throne, an exhibit in the Tower of London provides a unique view of some of the royal hardware.

Electrosonic designed and installed the exhibition’s AV system, which features four projected images, a plasma display and multi-channel ambient audio to interpret and enhance the exhibits.

The exhibit, which occupies three floors of the tower, opened in April and will run through Jan. 17, 2010.

“Dressed To Kill” presents the most extensive gathering of the king’s arms and armor ever held in the United Kingdom. Advanced video and scanning techniques show the fine detail, intricate construction and beautiful decoration of the artifacts.

On the first floor, Electrosonic installed two standard-definition Adtec Edie video players that source two Projection Design F30 projectors. The video players run in frame sync and are linked to a lighting program. Ambient audio from MP3 players supplied by Electrosonic helps animate the gallery.

The exhibition’s second floor houses two Panasonic PT-D3500E projectors fed by Blade high-definition players, which display a sequence about Henry VIII’s life and selected footage from a History Channel program. Elsewhere in “Dressed To Kill,” Electrosonic provided a plasma monitor showing an HD video about the royal game of tennis, invented in Henry’s time.

The exhibit was designed by Studio MB of Edinburgh for Historic Royal Palaces and built by Paragon Creative.

More photos of the displays are here.

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