Elbit Unveils ‘Engager’ Targeting System

The day/night target acquisition system is designed for special operations forces and tactical intelligence.
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Elbit Systems of Israel unveiles “Engager,” an unattended day/night target acquisition system designed for special operations forces and tactical intelligence.

Engager features all target acquisition systems elements enclosed in a single, man-portable system designed for concealed and unattended operation, Elbit says.

Its sensors include a daylight television and a compact, low-power cooled thermal imager. Both are fitted with a zoom lens, enabling night-time vehicular target recognition from a distance of about five miles, according to Elbit.

The Engager payload also includes the lightweight Rattler miniature laser designator, enabling target marking and designation for precision guided weapons.

Elbit says the system is operated remotely via cable or over standard wireless radio. In addition, the operating system offers features a variety of capabilities, including mission planning, recording and revisit-programming.

The system comes with a rechargeable battery which will provide power for from 24 to 36 hours, and additional cells can be connected in a daisy-chain fashion to support missions extending over several days, Elbit says.