DVTel’s Improved Mobile App Enables Multi-Camera Viewing

Software offers support for the Apple iPad and iPhone along with Android and Microsoft Windows phones.
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DVTel, Inc., a producer of “smart security” solutions for video surveillance, says its expansion of its line of supported smart devices—within its mobile application’s capabilities—enables users to monitor multiple cameras simultaneously.

DVTel’s mobile app includes support for the Apple iPad and iPhone along with Android and Microsoft Windows phones, the company says in a written statement. In addition to monitoring multiple cameras at one time, DVTel’s smart device app allows users to change the viewing pattern with a single touch; control pan, title and zoom (PTZ) cameras; integrate advanced video analytics; review playback of recorded video; and start and stop recording. All that can be done in real-time, the company says.

Integration with Google Earth further increases mobile guard safety and productivity by pinpointing an incident’s location on a map and by zooming in on alarms and viewing place marks. The mobile app solution works on both 3G and WiFi networks so that constant connectivity is achieved, DVTel says.

DVTel’s mobile app solution fills a critical need in the rapidly changing environment of physical security incident investigation, the firm says. Using that app, a mobile device can be taken into the field so that a situation can be monitored and decisions and actions can be taken instantaneously based on the best information available.

“More organizations require immediate business impact and return on investment in today’s challenging economy,” said Vered Shinar, DVTel’s vice- president of professional engineering services. “With this technology, the ability to integrate multiple edge data points and customize your system enhances the value beyond traditional security,” he said.