DVIGear Launches Single-Fiber 4K Optical Extenders

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MARIETTA, Ga. — DVIGear, a manufacturer of digital connectivity products, has launched its models DVI-7313 and DVI-7314, single-fiber optical extenders for 4K images. These compact extenders support 4K/30p resolution signals up to 1.2 miles, and are targeted for professional AV system installations and rental & staging applications.

DVIGear’s DVI-7313 and DVI-7314 are high-performance 4K optical extenders that transmit high-resolution DVI/HDMI signals over long distances using a single fiber optic cable. These extenders support HDMI v1.4 (non-HDCP) signals with resolutions up to 4K (4,096 x 2,160/30p) over cable distances up to 1,640 ft. (DVI-7313) and up to 1.2 miles (DVI-7314).

These extenders are similarly priced as other extension technologies (such as HDBaseT), while providing equal optical performance at much greater distances. The DVI-7313 supports multi-mode optical fiber, while the DVI-7314 supports both multi-mode and single-mode fiber optic cable.

Most single-fiber optical extenders transmit signals over multiple optical wavelengths, which can suffer from chromatic dispersion over long cable runs. To avoid this issue, these extenders employ a high-speed SerDes that combines the DVI/HDMI signal channels into a single uncompressed 10.3 Gbps bit stream. This enables the optical transmission of the signal over a single optical wavelength, which provides increased signal fidelity, stability and flawless image quality, regardless of cable length.

DVIGear’s custom length fiber optic cables may be used with these extenders to maximize extension distance and system performance. Integrators and designers can select from a range of options including: single-mode, multi-mode (OM3), or multi-mode (OM4) at any cable length up to 10 km. Other options such as multiple terminated strands, breakout length, and pulling eye are also available.

These features make the DVI-7313 and DVI-7314 good choices to future-proof AV systems with robust 4K capable optical extension. They can be used in a range of digital display applications including rental and staging events, auditoriums, hotels, churches and other demanding environments. The suggested list price for the DVI-7313 is $698/pair, whereas the DVI-7314 is $798/pair.