Domestic Surveillance Satellite Program Scrapped

Law enforcement officials said the information wouldn’t have helped them very much anyway.
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The United States is ending a program that would have given local authorities unprecedented access to domestic satellite imagery, following statements from law enforcement officials that the information wouldn’t have helped them very much anyway.

The program, given the squishy moniker “National Applications Office” upon its creation by the Bush Administration, is ending, the Wall Street Journal reported June 23, citing a Department of Homeland Security official.

The satellites themselves, operated by the Interior Department will still be used to monitor natural and environmental disasters and in limited security situations such as monitoring sporting events, WSJ reported.

As previously reported on, Rep. Jane Harman, D-Calif., introduced legislation June 4 to abandon the program.

“In our view, the NAO is not an issue of urgency,” The Major Cities Chiefs Association wrote DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano June 21.