DoD Certifies Pesa Devices for Addition to ‘Approved Products List’

The certification ensures interoperability between disparate video chains
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The U.S. Department of Defense has certified the “Video Distribution System” produced by Pesa—a designer and manufacturer of professional audio and video signal distribution solutions—for inclusion onto the agency’s “Unified Capabilities Approved Products List.”
In addition to the VDS, the DoD certified several products in Pesa’s Cheetah large-scale router and its PRO signal processing lines, the company says.
Those products underwent testing by the Defense Information Systems Agency’s Joint Interoperability Test Command and received Interoperability Certification and Information Assurance, according to Pesa. Accreditation from JITC, the program for certifying joint and combined interoperability of all DoD information technology and national security systems, the company says.
“Mission critical situations demand high-quality distribution and switching of HD video,” said John Wright, Pesa’s senior vice president of sales and business development. Senior U.S. military and civilian leadership rely on extremely detailed imagery for command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance to execute mission command, according to Wright. “This certification ensures that all DoD commands and activities can take advantage of the quality and interoperability between disparate video chains that Pesa’s VDS systems provide,” he said.
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