DJI Allows Pilots to Fly Without Internet Data Transfer

Developing local data mode
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SHENZHEN, CHINA—In an effort to provide more data privacy assurances for sensitive government and enterprise customers, DJI is developing a local data mode that stops internet traffic to and from its flight control apps.

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DJI’s flight control apps often communicate over the internet to access the most relevant maps, geofencing data and other relevant information for flight safety. But now, a pilot can enable local data mode to have the app stop sending or receiving any data over the internet, helping to ensure privacy of data generated during flights.

While in local data mode, DJI apps will not update maps or geofencing information, will not notify pilots of newly-issued flight restrictions or software updates, and may result in other performance limitations. It instead is designed to protect sensitive flights involving infrastructure, governmental functions or other similar operations.

Local data mode may not be available in locations where internet connection is required or highly advisable due to local regulations or requirements.

DJI will roll out the local data mode in its apps over the next few weeks.