Display Systems Measurement Standard Issued

Called the “go-to” document for standard measurement procedures for electronic display systems
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The Society for Information Display, an industry organization dedicated to electronic display systems, has issued its “Information Display Measurements Standard,” which SID says will be the “go-to” document for standard measurement procedures for electronic display systems’ characteristics and qualities.

SID’s International Committee for Display Metrology developed the IDMS, which the organization says is “the culmination of years of effort by engineers and scientists across dozens of organizations to codify the science of display measurement, explain some of the difficulties associated with making measurements, and offer solutions to help make the measurements properly.”

The IDMS will have about 140 display measurements covering every area of displays, SID says. The standard is intended to include nearly every display technology for multiple user types, from display manufacturers to consumers, according to the organization. The document is to provide the standard “to as wide of an audience as possible to help establish the techniques within the document as the universal choice for display measurements.”

The IDMS document provides several features, SID says. Those features are:

  • Self-contained measurement procedures that are clear and easy to use
  • A library of commonly used and newly developed display measurements
  • Dozens of new display measurements for current and future displays
  • Adaptability that enables a variety of equipment for measurements
  • Tutorials and other supplemental sections
  • Diagnostics, cautions and useful hints

In addition, SID says there are benefits for using the IDMS. Those benefits are:

  • Lower costs, because less time and money are used due to unambiguous definitions of measurement methods in the standard
  • Reduced development lead time because of standardized metrics
  • A common language that reduces the risk of disagreements regarding performance
  • Increased customer satisfaction because the standards provide more accurate, reliable, and repeatable performance characterizations
  • Convenience of a single cover that provides all measurement procedures and auxiliary information

“The IDMS is the first standard from the ICDM and SID; it is a defining work for evaluating displays and is the most comprehensive display measurement and metrology standard yet produced,” said Joe Miseli, ICDM chair. The standard “provides a full set of common and more specialized display measurement procedures to characterize display performance. It also includes new and innovative measurements never before standardized for characterizing modern displays, as well as many references to clarify and expand upon metrology foundations and techniques,” he said.