Digital Storm Launches Pro Line of GSA-Approved Workstations

Contractor leverages liquid cooling, overclocking expertise
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FREMONT, CALIF.—Digital Storm is launching the Pro line of fully customizable workstations. The approved U.S. General Services Administration contractor will leverage its expertise in building liquid cooled, overclocked desktops to meet government agencies’ needs.

Each of the Pro systems features Digital Storm’s HydroLux cooling system, which combines liquid and airflow cooling with customizable control software. HydroLux monitors and automatically adjusts to temperature fluctuations in real-time. The automated airflow optimization strikes a balance between thermals and system noise.

Digital Storm’s focus on cooling enables the company to deliver performance and reliability. Professional overclocking is also available with TwisterBoost Technology, which increases CPU clock speeds up to 4.7GHz. The CPU boost technology increases productivity by eliminating bottlenecks to optimize component performance.

The Pro workstations were designed to be a long term investment and have room for upgradability. The components are non-proprietary, meaning replacements and upgrades don’t carry price premiums and agencies will not be locked into a limited set of parts that may only be available for a specific model.

All Digital Storm systems undergo a 72-hour stress. After passing testing, workstations then go through a multipoint QA inspection where every aspect of the system is scrutinized, from part fitment to software setup.