DHS Seeks Bids on ‘Full Array’ of Surveillance Equipment

Proposal deadline is Mar. 16.
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The Department of Homeland Security is accepting proposals on “a full array of audio and video surveillance equipment” until March 16, 2011, according to a solicitation posted on Federal Business Opportunities.

“DHS seeks the best and widest array of product offerings,” and vendors “may propose on either the audio or video category, or both,” says the solicitation by DHS’ Enterprise Information Technology Acquisition Division (EAD).

The solicitation for technical investigative surveillance equipment (“TechOps”) is classified as “unrestricted,” DHS says. In addition, because “contracts will be awarded to highly qualified contractors that possess the capabilities and demonstrated experience to serve as prime contractors for this program,” prospective vendors are encouraged to conduct a self assessment against the “Technical Compliance Matrix” to determine if they will be as competitive as a prime contractor for the audio or video category.

Further, prospective vendors who do not believe they will be among the most highly rated contractors should instead pursue subcontractor/teaming opportunities with other vendors, DHS says. By structuring the procurement in that manner, DHS strives to provide a broad field of competitors with a variety of the very best products, and to maintain delivery order level competition for both prime and subcontractors, according to the department.

The video surveillance systems sought by DHS include both wireless systems that operate in the L, C or S bands and Internet protocol (IP) systems, the request for proposals (RFP) says. The devices include transmitters, IP cameras, receivers, repeaters and concealments. The “video transmitter emissions” of wireless systems are typically monitored by a single receiving device, but may be monitored by multiple receiving devices, depending on the specific design or the transmitter, the RFP says.

The IP video systems will consist of a camera with a built-in computer server that is accessible from a remote PC with a web browser, DHS says. The systems typically support image compression for bandwidth conservation and camera remote pan/tilt controls.

“Audio Recorders are typically small body worn devices, which can easily be concealed for covert use, and they provide stereo as well as mono audio recording through internal microphones,” the RFP says.

The deadline for proposals is March 16, 2011 at 2 p.m. EDT. E-mail proposals should be sent to DHSTechOps@dhs.gov. Submit questions via e-mail by Feb. 24, 2011 by 2 p.m. to DHSTechOps@dhs.gov. In addition, information on the solicitation is available from Carrie Herndon, a DHS acting associate director, at 202-447-5559 or DHSTechOps@dhs.gov.