DARPA Releases Contracts for Navy UAVs

DARPA has released contracts for concepts relating to Navy UAVs.
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Artist concept of the TERN UAV

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency has released contracts for concepts relating to unmanned aerial vehicles that will fly from a variety of U.S. Navy ships, including the new Littoral Combat Ship.

To date, contracts have been awarded to Aurora Flight Sciences (Manassas, Va.), Carter Aviation (Wichita Falls, Texas), Maritime Applied Physics Corp. (Baltimore), AeroEnvironment (Monrovia, Calif.) and Northrup Grumman (Falls Church, Va.). Each of the contracts is valued at less than $3 million, and will be used by each company to develop concepts for DARPA’s Tactically Exploited Reconnaissance Node program.

The TERN UAVs will be expected to provide video and other reconnaissance data for both peaceful and battle operations, and the aircraft will need to be launched from a variety of Navy ships. Many of these ships have little room for a landing strip, so the TERN UAVs must be capable of very short take offs and landings.

To meet this short take-off and landing requirement, Carter Aviation plans to offer its Slowed Rotor/Compound technology that uses a slowly turning rotor to act as a fixed wing for efficient level flight, but can spin up the rotor for vertical take-offs. The other vendors will all have their own concepts to meet the terms of the DARPA contract.

DARPA has announced that there will be follow-on contracts once the initial concepts have been developed and reviewed.