Crestron Ships Streaming Input Card for DigitalMedia Switchers

Simplify switching and origination of streaming signals
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Crestron DMC-STR and DMC-STRO input/output cards

ROCKLEIGH, N.J. — Crestron announced it is now shipping its DMC-STR streaming input card. It enables card-based Crestron DM switchers to receive a high-performance H.264 video stream over an IP network. The source can be an IP camera, a streaming server or from a DMC-STRO streaming output card in another DM switcher. Because DigitalMedia provides both point-to-point and streaming on a single platform, this signal can then be distributed via HDMI, HDBaseT, or fiber.

Streaming removes all distance limitations and uses existing infrastructure to enable signal distribution for applications where dedicated wiring is impractical or can’t be installed. Because DM provides both point-to-point connections (such as HDBaseT and fiber) and streaming on the same platform, you can configure the switcher on an input-by-input and output-by-output basis. Use point-to-point cards for full-bandwidth connections within the room and streaming for worldwide distribution.

The DMC-STR supports streams at resolutions up to HD 1080p, with bitrates up to 25 Mbps. The streaming input can be configured to receive streams via its dedicated “Content LAN” port (to isolate control and content onto separate networks), or via the DM switcher’s LAN port (to enable a single network connection for the entire switcher, including streaming).

The DMC-STR streaming input card receives H.264 streaming video in, then the DM switcher outputs the content via any output card as any signal type or infrastructure. Conversely, the DMC-STRO streaming output card transmits any source signal as H.264 streaming video.

Card-based DM switchers are configurable as organizational needs change. By adding or replacing cards, streaming capabilities can be added without having to change or replace switcher frames. You can even install a DMC-STR card in a DMCI card interface for a standalone streaming decoder.

To configure a DM switcher complete with input and output cards, cables, and other peripherals, systems integrators can use the DigitalMedia Switcher Configuration Tool.