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Argus VP360 offers additional storage options for law enforcement
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A consortium of technology companies has introduced a new body-worn camera for law enforcement agencies that offers the option of locating archived video either on-premise or in the cloud to address security and accessibility issues.

The Argus Body Camera Solution from VP360 uses a Zadara Storage enterprise-class storage solution and the Phoenix Digital Evidence Management application from SoleraTec to store and mange video evidence from body-worn cameras. The solution was also engineered with the guidance of technology consulting firm Lightstream.

According to the four companies, the solution is designed to address the sometimes-cost-prohibitive issues that occur when storing video evidence to meet state and federal retention policy requirements, as well as potential security concerns over multi-tenant cloud solutions.

The Argus Body Camera Solution provides the unique option to store media either on-premise, within the agency's own four walls, or in a remote cloud data center, whichever the agency prefers. Because the solution is provided as a service, the VP360 Argus eliminates typical video storage equipment maintenance and troubleshooting hassles, according to the consortium. The system is deployed in the field or in the cloud by Lightstream field technicians.

The VP360 Argus solution includes the body camera, backend hardware, digital video management application and storage of all recorded video data. It incorporates a custom-developed solution using Zadara Storage technology for the storage, retrieval, sharing and archiving of captured video in an on-premise, pay-as-you-go business model.

The system also integrates the SoleraTec digital evidence management solution, Phoenix DEM, for evidentiary video and file management, which offers users a means of searching for and reviewing video evidence.

“The cost of storing digital evidence can quickly skyrocket if law enforcement agencies don't choose a solution that's optimized for their needs,” said Jeff White, CEO of VP360.


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