Companies Designing Unmanned Submersible for U.S. Navy

Bluefin Robotics is joining with military undersea vehicle specialist The Columbia Group to develop next-generation, large submersibles
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Bluefin Robotics, which designs and manufactures unmanned underwater vehicles (UUV) systems, is joining with The Columbia Group, a design organization specializing in military undersea vehicles, to develop a next-generation, large submersible vehicle that operates in manned and autonomous modes.

The U.S. Navy has persistently outlined the need for industry to develop next-generation UUVs with increased mission time, range and payload capacity, according to Bluefin.

“Our team has overlapping competencies, proven products and ongoing efforts that will benefit this development,” said David Kelly, Bluefin’s president and CEO. “By combining the strengths of our organizations, we can field a vehicle that will meet the Navy’s needs and take UUV capabilities to the next level.”

“The Columbia Group has a strong history of developing and manufacturing both manned and unmanned undersea vehicles for military customers around the world,” said Ross Lindman, The Columbia Group’s Engineering Solutions Division’s senior vice president. Working with Bluefin strengthens The Columbia Group’s “ability to build this specialized craft for our Navy customers.”