Commerce Dept. Taps FLIR for Infrared Digital Video Camera

The camera will measure "temperature distribution in the processing zone of manufacturing processes."
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FLIR Systems, Inc. a leading manufacturer of thermal imaging camera systems has won a Department of Commerce contract for a “high performance infrared digital video camera,” which is at least the fourth contract the company has been awarded by the U.S. government during 2010.

The Department of Commerce’s National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) awarded the contract for $69,666 for the camera that is to “be used to measure the temperature distribution in the processing zone of manufacturing processes.” NIST listed several requirements for the camera. Those requirements are:

  • •The camera be sensitive to infrared light with wavelengths ranging from one micrometer, or smaller, to five micrometers, or larger.
  • •The camera detector shall be cooled to cryogenic temperatures with a closed-cycle Stirling cooler.
  • •The camera shall have analog to digital pixel value conversion with a dynamic range of 14 bit or better.
  • •The camera shall provide digital video output with a resolution of 14 bit or better using a Gigabit Ethernet interface and/or USB 2.0 interface.
  • •The camera shall be delivered with software (compatible with a Windows XP PC) to change camera setting, download the captured video data, and trigger data acquisition.
  • •The camera user shall be able to trigger acquisition of image data though an electronic pulse; be able to input an electronic plus to trigger streaming of acquired image data to the personal computer; and the camera shall output an electronic pulse at the instance an image is acquired.
  • •The camera shall have an adjustable frame rate.
  • •The shortest camera integration time shall be adjustable to one microsecond, or smaller, while the longest integration time shall be adjustable up to the full frame period minus 150 microseconds, or longer.
  • •The camera shall have a noise-equivalent temperature difference of 25 mK or less.
  • •The camera shall have a lens mount compatible with commercially available lenses and extension tubes; as the camera will be integrated into an existing system, a lens is not a required component.

The NIST contract is the latest, and smallest, federal deal for FLIR during 2010. In July, U.S. Customs and Border Protection awarded FLIR a $4.5 million agreement for Star SAFIRE(R) HD stabilized multi-sensors; in April, the U.S. Army awarded FLIR a $12.4 million contract for more than 200 Star SAFIRE(R) II stabilized multi-sensor systems; and in March, the U.S. Navy awarded FLIR a $13.5 million contract for the BRITE Star(R) II multi-sensor target designation systems.


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