Colleges Offered Service to ‘Meet’ Applicants

LikeLive is a video interviewing platform enabling college admission officials and corporate recruiters to “meet” candidates
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Educational Testing Service (ETS), a testing and research organization, has established “LikeLive,” a video interviewing platform that can enable college admission officials and corporate recruiters to “meet” candidates.

LikeLive enables universities to efficiently consider students from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds, ETS says. It also offers those students a better way to convey their personalities, while at the same time reducing the need for on-campus interviews, the organization says.

“For colleges, LikeLive’s platform brings consistency to the interview process, helps them holistically evaluate candidates; assesses the student's communication skills; and provides an additional way to measure the fit between student and school, thereby improving conversion rate,” said Bill Banett, LikeLive’s president. “It also is a real resource for college applicants who might not otherwise be able to afford the expense of visiting many college campuses for interviews.”

LikeLive is “a key part of ETS's commitment to bringing innovation to higher education that involves providing admissions officers with a complete representation of a student's total set of knowledge, skills and abilities,” says David Payne, ETS Higher Education Division’s vice president and chief operating officer. It ensures fairness and access to education, ETS says.