Coalition Urges FCC To Achieve Broadband Plan’s Objectives

The letter cited questions concerning “net neutrality and the FCC’s authority over broadband.”
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A coalition of national civil rights, privacy, and consumer organizations is calling on the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to move quickly to achieve several key goals of the “National Broadband Plan.”

In a letter to FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski and the commissioners delivered Oct. 29, the coalition urges the FCC to focus on the importance of achieving four key objectives:

  • Expansion of the Universal Service Fund to broadband.
  • Assurance of transparency and truth in billing.
  • Protection of consumers’ privacy online.
  • Internet accessibility for those with disabilities.

Because of questions concerning “net neutrality and the FCC’s authority over broadband,” the FCC should “adopt a legally justifiable regulatory framework to enact the broadband plan,” the coalition’s letter says. “Regardless of how organizations view net neutrality, the Commission’s authority to achieve many objectives critical to the civil rights community must be affirmed,” the letter says.

The coalition’s members include, the American Association of People with Disabilities; the American Civil Liberties Union; the Asian American Justice Center; the Benton Foundation; Communications Workers of America; Consumer Action; Consumer Watchdog; The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights; the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People; the National Consumers League; the National Organization for Women; the National Urban League; Privacy International; Privacy Lives; Privacy Rights Clearinghouse; Privacy Times; and the United Church of Christ, Office of Communication, Inc.