Clear-Com’s Digital Communications Picked By Chinese TV

Facility will receive an intercom systems upgrade from analog to digital.
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Hubei TV (HBTV)—a provincial television station in the Hubei province of the People’s Republic of China—has selected Clear-Com, a producer of voice communication systems to lay the groundwork for an all-digital communications infrastructure for its brand new facility.

The media outlet has recently started construction on a completely new station and the first phase of its communications plan includes the installation of an Eclipse-PiCo digital matrix and HME DX200 digital wireless intercom, Clear-Com says.

As part of the plan for the new site, HBTV wanted to upgrade its intercom systems from analog to digital and it selected Clear-Com because of its superior audio quality and compatibility with IP-based intercom solutions, the company says.

“One of HBTV’s major goals for its new facility, once it is complete, is to have the option to expand into IP-based intercom,” says Jeffrey Wu, Clear-Com’s chief representative in China.

An Eclipse-PiCo frame has been installed in the new HBTV facility, along with a HME DX200 wireless system in both the larger and smaller studio. A second Eclipse-PiCo frame and DX200 wireless system have been set up in an HD OB Van. In addition, V-Series panels have been installed throughout the station so that staff members can communicate with one another whether they are in the HD OB Van or in the new studios.