Clarkston, Ga., Catches More With Wireless Video Infrastructure

The CPD is using Digital Ally's DMV-500Plus In-car Video Systems.
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The Police Department in Clarkston, Ga., has deployed a new wireless infrastructure and in-car digital video system from Trapeze Networks and Digital Ally to capture evidence, train officers and provides add safety.

"Trapeze Networks is pleased that its solutions give the ability for the CPD to instantly transmit in-car surveillance videos which, in turn, contribute significantly to improving the city's violent crime rate and citizen satisfaction with the police force," said Trapeze President Dhrupad Trivedi. "The robust feature set in the Trapeze Networks solutions guarantees the CPD's wireless network has the highest levels of dependability and security needed to safely transfer the important video surveillance files."

Trapeze wireless is a Belden brand.

The CPD is using Digital Ally's DMV-500Plus In-car Video Systems, which are fully integrated into replacement rear-view mirrors in its entire fleet of patrol cars. The Trapeze Networks wireless network at CPD's station provides a simplified way to quickly transfer very-large video files from the patrol cars to the station's server. This ensures the video evidence remains untouched.

Instead of manually downloading the video files, the CPD now records each police stop and automatically sends the video file wirelessly, saving staff time and ensuring compliance with court evidence requirements. The videos are also used as police officer training tools.

"The citizen complaint rate has dropped significantly since we installed the wireless network and cameras," said CPD Capt. Criss Hudson. "The officers love the new wireless video system that Trapeze and Digital Ally provide because it helps them improve their performance by studying the videos of their stops. Improving the validity of the evidence videos has strengthened the CPD cases, resulting in additional criminal prosecutions."

Ken McCoy, Digital Ally's vice president of sales and marketing, said the application works with many wireless infrastructure solutions but the company prefers Trapeze in this case because of its reliability.

The CPD's two Georgia-based technology suppliers--Integrated Technology Systems (ITS) and Ansley Communications Group, recommended and installed the combined Trapeze Networks and Digital Ally solution.

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