Chinese Bus Company Picks ANV Security for Video Surveillance

Installation hopes to maintain order and stability on the transit system.
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A mainland-China bus company has selected ANV Security Group’s, a developer and manufacturer of 3G-Mobile Video Surveillance systems, 3G-Mobile Video Surveillance system for installation on all Dong Ying city public buses.

In an effort to maintain order and stability on the transit system, Dong Ying Transport Company, Shandong, wants to install ANG’s 3G-Mobile Video Surveillance systems on its entire bus fleet.

The application of our video surveillance system will trigger a new era of surveillance and safety of entire transportation and logistics systems, including public bus services, taxies, metro systems and trains, ships and boats, security services vehicles, ambulances, says Wilson Wang, ANV Security Group chief executive officer.

“Our 3G-Mobile Video Surveillance system will enhance the Security System of Dong Ying Transport Company Shandong,” Wang said. "