Cepoint Networks Shipping Its ‘R-STOR RS-524’ Cloud Server

System stores both video and data
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Cepoint Networks LLC, an integration firm specializing in video-storage products, is now shipping its R-STOR RS-524 Cloud and Enterprise server, a video-storage and streaming system that will store both video and data in a single system.

The RS-524 is tailored for high-end video broadcasts whether in private or public cloud or enterprise-video streaming applications, according to Cepoint Networks.

The RS-524’s connectivity includes two channel, gigabit local area network, FireWire, External-SAS ports, network attached, fibre channel, iSCSI or gigabit Ethernet for high throughput and maximum-data transfer, Cepoint Network said. The unit’s flexibility of connectivity enables it to be deployed in broadcast studios for cloud or NAS or SAN clustering where broadcast-video bandwidth requirements are high, the company said.

The R-STOR RS-524 has the capability of connecting directly to tape decks via RS-422 and handling compressed and uncompressed 10-bit SDI real time or HDTV/SDI including MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 video formats, Cepoint said.

The system provides video editors and IT managers with the ability to store video and data contents in a single system that holds up to 6TB of content using native serial-ATA drives, according to Cepoint. For expansion or growth, the RS-524 is scalable to PetraBytes or more, the firm said.

In addition, the R-STOR plug-and-play’s shared array of storage characteristics and its operating-system independence, makes this network-attached storage, redundant-array-of-independent-disks system transparent in most environments, according to Cepoint. The unit also supports multiple-operating systems and client devices, including Iphone, Android, tablets, smartphones, Linus and Apple MAC or Windows desktops, the company said.

With support for any type of video format, R-STOR users can access a provisioned service from any device, anywhere at anytime, making the system an adaptable-storage solution for most enterprise computing, video multi-casting or broadcasting, telephony and Internet protocol television or over-the-top applications, the company said.

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