CEA and DEG Join to Educate Retailers on Selling UHD TVs

Is 4K around the corner?
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Hoping to stimulate Ultra High Definition (also known as “4K”) television sales the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) has teamed up with DEG: The Digital Entertainment Group to create a video to educate retailers on how to explain the benefits of UHD to consumers. Anyone who has been to a CE store recently can attest to the lack in understanding among store staff.

The video will be shown in-store on UHD displays at participating electronics retailers and installers. The one-minute video is designed for use in stores and highlights the performance, versatility and value that the next-generation of television provides. The CEA and DEG also are developing a 30-second version of the video that can be used to support online and social media.

“Ultra HDTV is our future,” said CEA President and CEO Gary Shapiro in a statement, citing CEA research that found that three-fourths (73 percent) of online U.S. adults who saw UHD in a retail store are interested in owning the technology.

In addition to providing baseline information about UHDTV, both videos feature a variety of movie trailers from all the major studios. The initial 1-minute video is supplied on a USB drive that can be played on most UHD sets.

UHD offers more than eight million pixels of resolution, or four times the resolution of today’s high-definition televisions. Many UHD sets provide greater depth and range of color, brightness and contrast as well, and many of these next-generation televisions also include a variety of features such as streaming services, “Smart TV” functionality and upscaling, which upconverts HD content to 4K resolution.


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