Carter Library Illuminates Presidency With Digital Projection Titan, dVision

Design and Production Inc. has completed an $8.5 million renovation of the Carter Presidential Library and Museum in Atlanta.
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Design and Production Inc. has completed an $8.5 million renovation of the Carter Presidential Library and Museum in Atlanta, with updates including a fully interactive touch-table that pairs live projection with user-activated navigation, plus a six-panel projector-supplied rotunda. Thirteen displays from Digital Projection, including six 8,000-lumen Titan HD-600 projectors and six dVision 1080p projectors, are in use.?

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Carter, Egyptian President Anwar Sadat and Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin in 1978. (Courtesy the Jimmy Carter Library and Museum) ?The Carter Library and Museum includes numerous new exhibits of note covering over 70,000 square feet that employ advanced projection equipment. A large rotunda serves as the centerpiece to the museum, where six 13-foot-tall, vertically-oriented screens display “A Day in the Life” of Carter’s presidential responsibilities.

The presentation depicts a day through video clips, photographs, sound recordings and news footage. Accenting this show are four 65-inch LCD screens, positioned below the large projector-illuminated screens, creating an encompassing, 10-image synchronized show. ?

?The Titan HD-600 projectors supplying the large-screen imagery are positioned in portrait mode, thereby creating images much taller than they are wide without having to blend two projectors. No mirrors are needed to achieve the effect. All Titan projectors are designed to function in either horizontal or portrait mode interchangeably. ?

?An 18-square-foot Corian-topped interactive table offers a user-navigated overview of post-presidency endeavors. “The table itself serves as a projection surface,” said Dale Panning of D&P, based in Lorton. Va. “Embedded are six IRTOUCH T46 infrared touch frames. Six Digital Projection dVision 1080p-XL projectors provide imaging for both the interactive table and teaser text on the floor around the table.”?

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