Cantronic Systems Awarded C$3.9-Million Safe City Contract

Wins Bid as Primary Contractor for Haicheng City
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Cantronic Systems Inc. won a bid as the primary contractor for the Safe City project of Haicheng City in China's Liaoning province. The RMB25-million (approximately C$3.9 million) project includes the supply and installation of networked video surveillance cameras systems. The project is expected to be completed within the next three months. Cantronic will receive RMB7.5 million as initial payment before installation commences.

“We are excited to win this bid as primary contractor for the Safe City project of Haicheng City,” said James Zahn, president and CEO of Cantronic. “The Safe City initiative is a major growth driver for the video surveillance industry in China, and being a primary contractor for Haicheng is an excellent opportunity for Cantronic to build on our strengths for future similar roles. Haicheng is only one of the cities in Liaoning province, which expects to deploy approximately 500,000 surveillance cameras with an estimated value of up to RMB20 billion over the next three years.” Safe City is a Chinese government-mandated initiative to deploy networked surveillance camera systems in over 660 medium-sized to large cities across China. Haicheng City is Cantronic’s second large-scale Safe City project in the province of Liaoning. The company previously acted as a system integrator to China Unicom, the primary contractor, in the successful completion of the RMB18-million Safe City project for the Heping District of the City of Shenyang, the capital city of Liaoning province.