Canon Unveils 5 Multimedia LCD Projectors

Features shared by all new models include wide-angle 1.2x zoom and quiet operation.
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Canon U.S.A., Inc., a producer of digital imaging equipment, unveils five new multimedia LCD projectors, the company says in a written statement.

Canon’s new projectors include the LV-8225, the company’s latest WXGA-resolution widescreen 16:10 LCD model. Together with the new LV-7490, LV-7390, LV-7295 and LV-7290, all are targeted at value-conscious users, including presentation professionals such as educators, traveling salespeople and small-business entrepreneurs.

“Important to the presentation market are innovative features providing real end-user benefits in addition to competitive pricing,” said Yuichi Ishizuka, the executive vice president and general manager of Canon U.S.A.’s imaging technology and communications group. “For educators and economy-minded users, the introduction of these new portable multimedia LCD projectors offers greater value than ever before with no compromise in picture quality.”

There are advanced features shared by all five of Canon’s new multimedia LCD projectors that seek to maximize convenience and economy for end-users. Those advanced features include:

  • Auto Set-Up Functions – for signal input, PC signal type, and vertical-keystone correction. One push of a button automatically identifies the type of input signal (video or computer), and – if a computer input – automatically synchronizes the projector’s display with the computer screen’s pixel configuration. Auto vertical-keystone “squares” images when the projector is facing the screen at an angle.
  • Extended Projection-Lamp Life – up to 6,000 hours in Quiet Mode (projection-lamp life of the model LV-7490 is 5,000 hours in Quiet Mode).
  • Extended Air Filter Life – up to 5,500 hours in ECO Mode (the filter, made of a new three-layer, highly efficient, hybrid material, cleans the air drawn in by the internal fan that cools the projection lamp).
  • Wide-Angle 1.2x Zoom Projection Lens – for bright, clear picture quality.
  • Manual Zoom and Focus – for exact user-determined settings of projection optics.
  • Quiet Operation – at only 29 dB (in Quiet Mode), these new projectors are equipped with a cooling system that produces very little noise.
  • Easy-Install Lamp and Direct Power-On – convenient features for users wanting to ceiling-mount their Canon multimedia LCD projector.
  • Multiple Inputs – ample computer, video, and audio connections ensure compatibility with a wide variety of display sources.
  • RJ-45 Network Connection and RS-232C Serial Connection – for full LAN control and remote PC control.

In addition, Canon’s new multimedia LCD projectors provide special added capabilities. The new Canon LV-8225 LCD Projector, responding to the growing popularity of widescreen notebook and desktop computers, delivers native WXGA-resolution (1280 x 800) for widescreen 16:10 images. Rated at 2500 lumens, this projector is designed for full-screen display of diagrams, spreadsheets and video, so often included in educational presentations, and it avoids the need for image compression or other picture-distorting measures.

With 4000 lumens of brightness, the new Canon LV-7490 LCD Projector has XGA-resolution (1024 x 768), making it a great choice for larger environments and those with higher levels of ambient light. This portable model would be ideal for many educational institutions where students would be able to take notes without having to darken the entire classroom.