Canon Debuts ‘Ultra Portable’ Projector

The LE-5W Multimedia Projector can project movies and still-or-streamed images from PCs
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Canon U.S.A. Inc., a producer of digital imaging solutions, has introduced the Canon LE-5W MultimediaProjector, an ultra-portable projector designed for organizational use.

The LE-5W offers high-image quality and bright, vibrant color projection and can clearly display spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations, Canon says.

With HDMI input and five different projection modes, the LE-5Wprojector can project high-quality movies, and still-or-streamed images from PCs, Blu-ray players, HD streaming players and digital cameras onto nearly any surface, Canon says.

Designed to be used in off-site presentations, the LE-5Wenables “PC-less” smart presentations directly from a USB thumb drive, SD card, or its own built-in 1.5GB memory, the company says. Featuring long-life 3LED technology, the unit’s three LED’s have a lifespan of 20,000 hours and contains an ECO mode that consumes 30 percent less energy than while running in “Normal Mode,” Canon says.

“The enormous growth in the use of tablet PC’s and mobile devices has created demand for a new kind of high-quality, affordable projector that easily integrates with tablet PC’s and AV equipment while also being ultra-portable and easy-to-use,” says Yuichi Ishizuka, Canon Imaging Technologies & Communications Group’s executive vice president and general manager. “The new Canon LE-5WMultimedia Projector is the perfect traveling companion for small business users who need to quickly and vividly share presentations or other visual information with clients,” he says.

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