Canadore College Takes to the Ice With Broadcast Pix

College students got chance to provide scoreboard video coverage for minor league hockey team using Granite 2000 production switcher
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CHELMSFORD, MASS.Canadore College’s broadcasting and video production program is using Granite on the ice. That is, Broadcast Pix’s Granite 2000 production switcher. The BP system is one of the tools used during game coverage of the North Bay Battalion hockey team in North Bay, Ontario, by Canadore College students.

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Installed as part of an arena renovation in 2015, the BP Granite 2000 unit is designed to handle scoreboard video coverage. The production switcher offers integrated multi-view that populates four different monitors in the HD control room, including preview/program monitors, and separate monitors for clips and graphics. BP’s Watch-Folders file management system is also used to import graphics and clips directly into the Granite.

Canadore students are responsible for running the scoreboard coverage of each North Bay game. The Granite handles footage from three cameras that provide game coverage and features a dedicated input to include replays from the broadcast feed.


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