Canada: Edmonton Enlists ATS for Traffic Enforcement

The new systems will all be equipped with ATS’ Axsis TC-16MP technology.
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Systems by American Traffic Solutions (ATS) aren’t just for the United States. The Scottsdale. Ariz.-based company said Friday it expects to furnish more than 100 speed and red-light enforcement cameras to the city of Edmonton, Alberta, over the next 10 years.

The new systems will all be equipped with ATS’ Axsis TC-16MP technology. The new Axsis system features a 16-megapixel camera, providing 25 percent more resolution than ATS’ earlier camera systems.

ATS also operates Canada's largest traffic-cam program, in Calgary, but the company said that when complete, the Edmonton system will be the largest municipal photo enforcement program in Canada.

ATS beat out three other providers in landing the Edmonton deal.

“As part of an intensive evaluation and selection process, we reviewed the offerings of four experienced photo enforcement providers,” said Sgt. Barb Clover of the Edmonton Police Service. “We chose ATS for several reasons. They offered the most technologically advanced camera systems and we’re confident ATS will enable Edmonton to accomplish a smooth transition from our current vendor and the older technology we are now using. ATS has extensive experience working with large North American cities like Edmonton. And, finally, we believe the ATS system will enable the Edmonton Police Service to meet our goal of protecting our citizens by reducing traffic-related violations, collisions and injuries.”

The new contract is a five-year agreement with a five-year renewal option. When fully implemented, the City of Edmonton will expand the current 24-camera program to a comprehensive safety and enforcement program with more than 125 camera systems.

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