Calibre UK Rolls Out ‘HQView325’ Image Scaler

New warp mapping and edge blend scaler now available
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Calibre UK, a video image processing hardware provider, unveiled its “HQView325” image scaler that utilizes four-sided soft edge-blend with multi-region black level correction for the blending of multiple projector images with image warp mapping support.

 The HQView325 combines the performance of the award-winning HQView500-series with Digital only input/output (I/O) compatibility with high-definition multimedia interface (HDMI) and digital visual interface (DVI) formats including deep color and HDCP support, says Tim Brooksbank, Calibre UK’s chairman.

The HQView325 incorporates a blend algorithm in a dedicated blend processor with grayscale rendition to accomplish the goal of producing more accurate imaging in low light, through multi-region black level correction, according to Calibre UK. The scaler operates at 16 bits per color per pixel (48 bits total), and the product is still able to prevent grayscale contouring and solarization at that rate, the company says.

Calibre UK also says the product uses de-gamma and re-gamma processes to convert video content to linear pixel data as part of its edge blend technology. That process enables the HQView325 to control light per color/per pixel, to ensure fewer color shifts or gamma efforts, even as the product performs black correction, the firm says.

The image-warping feature also allows users to geometrically correct an image shape and map projector alignment on to curved and flat screens, Calibre UK says. A personal computer-hosted warp generator tool is also included, the firm adds.

The HQView530 is now available in North America and Europe through the company’s distributors and manufacturers EIKI and Optoma, Brooksbank says.