BTX Technologies’ ‘ProBlox’ Added to BigFoot Mobile Carts

ProBlox bundles several signals through a single connector
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BTX Technologies Inc., a manufacturer of interface and integration systems, has made its ProBlox all-in-one connector system available for inclusion on BigFoot Mobile Carts, which is a portable system enabling users to take audiovisual, production, computer and video conferencing systems where they are needed.
Designed to bundle several signals through a single connector, ProBlox combines 16 coax and 26 audio/data/control contacts in a single multiconnector, BTX said. The ProBlox system is field-terminatable and custom configurable for numerous connectivity combinations, the company said. The system can be used anywhere HDTV, video, video graphics array, analog/digital audio, control signals, or DC power need to be fed to a single location, the company adds.
By enabling portable turnkey solutions within the BigFoot design, users can create workstations that can be transported to areas unavailable to traditional road cases, BTX said. With the integration of BTX’s ProBlox system, users now gain faster set-up times and increased functional simplicity, according to the company.
The incorporation of BTX’s ProBlox system onto BigFoot Mobile Carts provides users with even greater levels of connection flexibility, installation speed and system performance, said Doug Solis, BigFoot Mobile Systems’ president. In addition to decreasing set-up times, the system enables users to create any number of connection combinations, which “is a very important new feature for our product,” he said.
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