Boston Law Enforcement Seeks Photos, Video from Explosion Area

’Hundreds, if not thousands, of photographs or videos’ likely taken
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The heads of law enforcement agencies involved with the investigation of the Boston bombing have appealed to anyone who took photographs or videos in and around the area where explosions occurred to provide those pictures and recordings to investigators.

At a televised press conference today, both Boston Police Commissioner Edward Davis and Massachusetts State Police Superintendent Timothy Alben asked the public who took photos and videos at the Boston Marathon on Monday around the time when the two bombs detonated killing three—including an 8-year-old boy—and injuring more than 170 others, to provide those videos and photos to detectives.

The FBI first appealed for such pictures and video Monday night, and Davis repeated that appeal on Tuesday. “I want to stress that any information that you have, any videos or photographs, not just at that scene, but anywhere in the immediate vicinity could be helpful to this investigation. Our focus is processing that evidence,” he said.

In addition, Alben stressed that any photo or video might provide clues. “There has to be hundreds, if not thousands, of photographs or videos or observations that were made down at that finish line yesterday; I would encourage you to bring forward anything,” he said. “You might not think it significant, but it might have some value to this investigation. I assure you, someone will follow up on your photographs or videos that you want to submit,” he added.

To provide photos, videos or any information related to the bombings, contact the Boston Police Department’s Crime Stoppers Tip line at 1-800-494-TIPS.


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