Blonder Tongue Video Encoder Enables HD Video Delivery

HDE-8C-QAM now shipping
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OLD BRIDGE, N.J. —Blonder Tongue Laboratories, Inc. is shipping its new encoding solution designed to deliver cost-effective, high-quality HD video content.

The HDE-8C-QAM MPEG-2 HD encoder installs in CATV head ends, and can place four over-the-air TV channels onto one 6 MHz channel slot. The first units have shipped to Nickless Schirmer & Company for deployment at Emory University in Atlanta as part of its campus digital upgrade.

Engineered and manufactured in the United States, the HDE-8C-QAM offers scalable, feature-rich applications. The encoder accepts programs from eight component or composite inputs, such as satellite receivers and cable set-top boxes and offers the built-in ability to switch over any of the primary inputs for a spare input for uninterrupted service, which is automatic on specific models. The HDE-8C-QAM HD encodes MPEG-2 video up to 1080i, multiplexes and modulates the eight input programs into four adjacent clear QAM channels. The encoder’s clean QAM constellation and output allow for high channel count headend deployments. The encoder features an accessible RF test point for monitoring and testing without service interruption.

With its Web-based interface and front-panel test point, the HDE-8C-QAM lowers the learning curve for system operators. The encoder provides comprehensive GUI-based monitoring and control via standard Web browsers.

Users will also benefit from closed captioning, user-defined PSIP configuration and compatibility with ITU Annex A and B digital QAM formats. An emergency alert system interface allows the encoder to comply with EAS requirements.