Bittree Announces Monitor-Row Coaxial Patchbay

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GLENDALE, Calif. — Bittree recently unveiled a monitor-row coaxial patchbay. The new patching system combines a two-row WECo or Mini-WECo patch panel with a separate monitor row in a space-saving 2RU unit, with large designations that enable convenient testing of source signals in a video operations center.

“Our breakthrough monitor-row coaxial patchbay solves a problem that every video engineer is familiar with. In the past, adding a monitor row to a patchbay required the installation of a separate 1RU panel in conjunction with a dual-row patchbay,” said Glenn Garrard, CEO of Bittree. “This combined monitor panel provides a high-density solution, allowing engineers to quality-test circuits without interrupting critical paths in broadcast operation centers.”

The Bittree monitor-row coaxial patchbay is available in both 3 x 24 WECo and 3 x 32 Mini-WECo configurations. Since monitor points are located in the same device as the DA source router outputs, no additional power source or cable runs are required, and failure points are reduced. In one example, for a transmission router handling multiple program streams, the operator can quickly patch a stream to a monitor to confirm video quality.