Biamp Systems Introduces TEC-1 Interface Device

Device offers two configurations, simple solution for end-users
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Biamp Systems, a provider of networked media systems, has added the TEC-1 Remote Ethernet device as the remote controls for the Tesira system.

The new control device, available in two configurations (TEC-1i and the TEC-1s) offers a simple interface for end users and can be installed and custom-configured to fit the needs of a particular application. Leveraging standard CAT5/6/7 cabling, the TEC-1 devices are powered over Ethernet, which the company says eliminates the need for custom cabling and local power sources.

“Installations can be designed with multiple control panels in a room, or to control many rooms from one panel if this is desired,” says Graeme Harrison, Biamp Systems’ executive vice president. “This gives an unmatched level of flexibility in design and use,” he says.

In addition to the new control device, the company will release new Tesira v1.1 software to support the TEC-1, Biamp says. Users will be able to select and adjust up to 32 controls per device, control and/or select sources, volumes, presents and mutes, utilize touch technology.

The device also features end user control and/or access to a single room or several rooms, Biamp says. Multiple TEC-1 control devices can be connected over large distances using standard network technology, which biamp says makes them ideal for installations such as restaurants, AV conferencing and room combining.