Bexel Launches Engineering Division Focused on Infrastructure

Bexel ESS creation described as market-driven
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Bexel, a provider of broadcast services and solutions, has launched Bexel Engineering Systems and Solutions, a new division that is focused on integration, fiber and infrastructure and production support.
“The creation of this new division was market-driven,” says Scott Nardelli, who will serve as Bexel ESS’ vice president and general manager. Bexel ESS plans to differentiate itself by tackling “unique, fast-track and/or highly technical projects.”
Furthermore, the division will initially devote its resources to optical and copper, as well as infrastructure, the company says. Equipment sales, integration and production support are also priorities with the goal of offering complete solutions for large-scale production.
Nardelli said Bexel ESS plans to offer “overall project management, design and implementation of complex systems in both a temporary and permanent environment.” He said the company’s eventual role will be as “a formal production partner, providing the gamut of production services for major events, studio build-outs and other media projects.”


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